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What a delicious breakfast. Enjoy it TheVagar...

On a serene morning in the picturesque historic village of Belmonte, Ana and António, two enthusiastic guests, happily recall their experience at TheVagar. Sitting at the table in their cosy suite, they close their eyes and let the memories invade their minds.

Embraced by the tranquil atmosphere of the charming, minimalist accommodation, Ana and António remember how breakfast began with a gentle welcome as they entered the Casa-Mãe. "Good morning, Ana, good morning, António! Your breakfast is ready," says the friendly voice of the TheVagar team.


When they opened the door, Ana was greeted by an impeccably prepared table, where every item was a work of culinary art. From the Portuguese Delta coffee to the freshly squeezed orange juice, every detail has been carefully thought out. Meanwhile, António delights in the selection of fresh cheeses and curd cheese from Brás neighbours, accompanied by homemade jam from Cabralina in Belmonte and local sausage from Fundão.


Ana remembers how she enjoyed the wide selection of fresh bread and pastries, while António savoured the irresistible mini pastel de nata. Each bite was an explosion of flavour that transported them to the local markets and traditional pastry shops of the region.


And the homemade products, oh, the homemade products! Ana and António's mouths water as they recall the comforting flavours of homemade granola, homemade cake and honey from TheVagar's hives. Every bite was a tribute to the authentic flavours of Serra da Estrela.


When she opted for scrambled eggs, prepared live in TheVagar's open kitchen, Ana felt truly loved. Watching the dish being prepared with such care and dedication was a real luxury that left her overwhelmed. Meanwhile, António savoured a salad of leaves and sautéed fresh mushrooms, a carefully prepared option that would bring the freshness he loves so much in the morning.


Ana decided that she had to recommend this nest of calm to her friend Vanessa because, despite having some intolerances, here she could savour various vegan and gluten-free alternatives that were equally delicious and nutritious, which shows the genuine commitment to the satisfaction of all the guests.


As they finished their breakfast, Ana and António felt grateful to have had the opportunity to experience a real feast of flavours, local traditions and sustainability. Every moment was a celebration of Portuguese authenticity and hospitality, an experience they will remember fondly forever.


Will you came and (a) prove it?


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