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4 tips to live truly conscious moments

Today is Monday, and suddenly it's already Friday. What do you mean? What happened to Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday? This feeling of being lost in time is really annoying and happens because you don't live in presence. Things happen on autopilot, you limit yourself to the day-to-day routine, and you simply stop living. You just survive.

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Mindful moments

Yet life is meant to be lived! So today we leave you with four practical suggestions to fight this modern-day tendency and bring more purpose to your existence:

1. Practice mindfulness: do only one task at a time, and while you are doing it, focus completely and solely on it. For example, when you are washing the dishes, wash only the dishes. Feel the texture of the sponge, notice its colors and the bubbles of the foam, pay attention to the smell of the detergent, and notice the sound of the sponge rubbing against the dishes.

2. Focus on the present moment: there is only one real moment and that is now. The past no longer exists, it is just a memory. The future doesn't exist yet, it is pure illusion. So live in the present moment, that's all there is. Whenever your thoughts take you backwards, or forwards, reposition them. In the now!

3. Invest in self-knowledge: how can you live authentically and fully if you don't know who you are, that you can trust your actions, or that the best is yet to come? Self-reflection is fundamental, but if you feel the need, invest in therapy or in personal development courses, for example.

4. Learn about emotional intelligence: long ago it was believed that human beings were rational, with the ability to feel; today, it is known that they are emotional, with the ability to think. Therefore, if emotions form your main whole, it is essential to know about them and learn how to manage them. You will notice a tremendous difference in your quality of life and relationships, you bet!

If none of this works, or works, but you want to live a truly immersive experience, don't hesitate and come visit us TheVagar. Everything at Serra da Esperança is designed to (re)connect you with your essence and you will truly feel the impact of slowing down.

Whether it's walking across our path in bare foot, or taking a mindful aromatic bath, or getting lost in an unpretentious conversation with an old stranger, there will be no shortage of options to (re)remind you of what life is really worthwhile.

Will you keep postponing?


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