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Check out TheVagar's soulful spirit

Soulful is an adjective that is used to describe things, experiences, places, people or moments with meaning, with sense, with purpose, where the emotion of nostalgia is strongly felt.

Considering the owners' maxim of historical and cultural preservation, which they wanted to ensure over time, it made perfect sense to impute a soulful meaning to the new TheVagar project.

Finally, the three main pillars of TheVagar essence were created: slow, soulful and hygee. It translates, fundamentally, into slowing down, with purpose, in a cozy and comfortable space.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Soulful TheVagar

Soulful can be felt in the aromatic baths, the relaxing massages, as well as in the yoga and meditation sessions that we have designed, carefully for you, in order to merge your body and mind, with the natural surroundings. Developed by a skilled and experienced team of therapists.

Soulful can be felt in the enthusiasm with which you will be treated here: André is a son of this area and will take you out by jeep to discover the best-kept secrets of the Serra da Esperança; Marta is passionate about hospitality and will cherish you like no other, with words, gestures, and details.

Soulful feels like the Pharmacy of the Soul: inspired by the book "Literary Remedies - 750 books to save your life", by Susan Elderkin and Ella Berthoud, this pharmacy promises a cure for various maladies.

Soulful is present in the events that we organize, in an absolutely personalized and distinct way. The guest has the privilege of feeling unique, participating in the creation process and being the protagonist of the most special moment of their lives.

So, what are you still waiting for to come and feel it?


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