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Discover the secret of happiness

One of the subjects that has been attracting more attention in today's society is happiness. Studies, books and formulas multiply as the secrets are revealed. Everyone wants to achieve happiness, and not for nothing. As a matter of survival, the human brain is prepared to detect danger and we are invaded by negative thoughts all the time. How to balance this equation?

The Danish are one of the happiest people in the world, and as such, we certainly have a lot to learn from them. In 2016, when Marta was still having one of her first conversations about TheVagar ideology and she was explaining to Lígia, our interior designer, the environment she wanted to recreate, they immediately got on the same page. "Hygge" (pronounced "hu-ga"), explained Ligia, was being spread around the world, through the book written by Meik Wiking, CEO of The Happiness Research Institute and author of A little book of hygge. Essentially, hygge is the premise of well-being, warmth and comfort, so it was the perfect word to define what they were designing for TheVagar.

In practice, hygge is nothing more than a lifestyle, which is based on the enjoyment of conscious moments, in cozy environments. It is reproduced in the conception of a meal among friends, with an unpretentious conversation, smiles, and giggles. When enjoying a hot chocolate, by the fireplace, wrapped in a patchwork quilt. Watching the sunset from the top of the mountain. Sharing experiences, while drinking a glass of wine and engaging with others. Or in simply reading a book in the garden, while listening to the birds singing.

This was exactly the environment Marta and André had dreamed of for TheVagar. Today, hygge is present in the decorative details of their suites, in the strategic position of the furniture, in the carefully chosen colors of the textiles, in the complementary activities we have designed for you, in the traditional products we put in your breakfast, and even in the words we use to communicate with you.

Any doubts about what you'll find at TheVagar? Visit us here at your charming countryhouse in the center of Portugal, right here in Belmonte, and allow yourself to feel it! Come and learn how to be happy!

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