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245 hectares - 6 exclusive rooms in nature

TheVagar is a charming minimalist accommodation, reborn in the heart of Serra da Esperança, in Belmonte. As simple as it is exquisite. As elementary as it is detailed. As unique as elegant. As transparent as it is seductive. Much more than you dreamt of. Exactly what you need. Be assured, here you will find peace, tranquillity, harmony, balance.

A beautiful love story is born. But above all, it breathes the flame of hospitality. Welcoming with open arms and giving, is all we want to have the privilege of being able to do for you. Pure, genuine, true love.

We built, with all the detail, six beautiful rooms. We call them Suites. They are delicate. But fancy. Impressive. And sweet. Soft. Gentle. They'll embrace you. Caress you. Conquer you.

Hope is the mascot of this house. It is given the name of the mountain and represents TheVagar. The light colours, the fine decoration, the unique bathtub or the 100% cotton Portuguese sheets are some of the details that will welcome you. But there's more! If you look carefully, you'll notice that the original granite walls from the 1940's have been kept. And the fireplace, ah, the fireplace at the foot of the bed, is the touch of warmth you need so much!

In the Equilibrium and Peace suite you will find a design loft. It is impossible to resist the excitement of embarking on your dreams in these rooms that are so interesting, so involving, so fun. Drinking tea by the window, playing cards by the fireplace or enjoying the comfort of feather pillows are some of the privileges of those who choose one of these options.

Luz is a true box of surprises. A generous balcony, a mysterious window, a breathtaking view, a mixture of emotions and possibilities, are some of the features you will enjoy in this seductive haven of serenity.

Simplicity is inclusive and spacious. Here you will listen to a relaxing music, take a hot, long bath. Turn this moment into fun. You have two showers at your disposal in this room. Will you allow yourself that? The amenities are handmade and ecological, a pure delight. Treat yourself to a revitalizing evening, with inspirational reflections. Every detail has been thought of to give you the comfort, protection and cosiness that you so much deserve.

And Essence. Ah, the Essence. Of being. Of feeling. Of creating. It is so much more than a suite, a room, a bedroom. Essence is life. It is connection. It's feeling. By excellence, our best option for families. Who want to come together. To get together. Connect. Awaken to the essential.

Are you undecided? Each suite is more charming than the other, right? We'll help you. We clarify. We advise. We are here for you. To help you. To lead you. To guide you. To your essence. To your senses. The choice is yours. Always!

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