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TheVagar. What does it mean?

TheVagar's history begins in 2016. When it came to designing this welcoming country house , Marta and André had no doubts: the concept had to be connected to nature, history, well-being and sustainability. And so a unique and consistent identity was designed in their minds.

A name had to be given to this project. Something that would connect with the idea they had conceived and that would mirror, for the public, all its essence. They began to study the different options and initially wanted to include "Esperança", which is the name of the mountain. After much thought, this option was eliminated. They decided, however, to give this name to the main Suite of the House, as a tribute to the beautiful Serra da Esperança. "Devagar" was the word that came up and gained more and more consensus.

TheVagar CountryHouse
TheVagar: What does it mean?

This name reflected a number of things: the time the project took to be conceived (slowly, slowly); the slowness with which Marta and André dedicated themselves to the concept, and which made it their life project; the concept of slow life, which they wanted to bring to Serra da Esperança. On the other hand, they wanted their guests to come slowly, to slowly absorb the very best the place has to offer, because only with that availability they would feel inspired. Also, it would always be fun to translate this name to the international guests and play with the words. André suggested writing: "TheVagar". It would make the name more universal, linguistically speaking. But there were still doubts...

Marta asked some opinions to understand the public's acceptance. There was no unanimous response. Making this decision was quite a demanding task for the hosts of TheVagar. But the journey was ongoing. They studied the possibilities a bit more. TheVagar. Quite TheVagar. With meaning. With presence. They realized that they wanted to pass on too much information and maybe it didn't even make sense. They mainly wanted it to identify the type of accommodation. So they added the type of accommodation which is, quite simply - a country house. And they identified the location, so that there was no doubt about where they were.

And so, TheVagar Countryhouse, Belmonte is born. A place where time seems to have stopped. A family home, where everyone is welcome. A retreat, where there is a cure for stress, anxiety and acceleration. A place where nature rules. A repository of history, culture, essence, meaning. A place where anyone feels embraced, wanted, loved.


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