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Start to slow down now! It's a mathematical question

At TheVagar we believe it's possible to slow down. Even in these frenetic days. We live in the age of owning. Everyone wants to have a quality life. And they believe it's the material goods that will provide them with it. Our question is: at what price? People fill themselves with things and live... empty.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have more, but what if you first think about being? What, in fact, is success? Slowing down starts here: asking yourself what you are. Truth is not an absolute concept and you can create the one you want for yourself. The one that makes the most sense to you. And live it. Living in truth means getting to know yourself, understanding what makes most sense to you and acting on this well-structured basis. This is what we call Slow Living. Being confident about who you are, what you want for yourself and the journey you are taking.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Start to slow down

Reflection and self-questioning should always follow you. Keep training your mind to do so and, before you know it, you won't even have to make an effort to do it. Move on to the question of time. Many scientists believe that time does not exist. We are matter. Everything that is, just exists. But as rational human beings, we need to organize ourselves, we can't live in chaos. So, any human being in the whole world has, at his disposal, 24 hours a day.

Time needs to be managed and what you do with it in the 24 hours of your day is a question of priorities. Everyone has their own priorities and that's fine. If you start with the simplicity of a mathematical equation, you will be able to face time with more calm and tranquillity. Take a deep breath. Organize your thoughts. Draw up a plan to slow down. Start with small steps. One at a time. Implement small changes. Make them habits. Use discipline. Understand what works best for you. Adjust and readjust. Be gentle with yourself. This is a process, with ups and downs, like any other. Remember: go TheVagar, through Slow Living practices, or however makes the most sense to you. The point is to get going.

On those days when you are having the toughest times, when you want to cheer up a bit or celebrate a small achievement, come and visit us. We will welcome you with open arms. In our home, which is also yours. We'll involve you with nature, in the depth of your inner being. We will serve you a lemonade, pure and simple. Recommend a book for you to read by the window of your room, while you listen to the rain falling or the wood crackling in your fireplace. We will spoil you as you deserve and remind you that the essence of being lies in the little things.


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