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TheVagar: a love story

Tourism students in a small town in the interior of Portugal, Marta and André met in 2002. She had grown up in western Portugal, by the beach. He, in the interior of the country, near the quiet village of Belmonte. When it comes time to come together, the choice between two of the most beautiful destinations in the country became impossible. For a while, they made their relationship work, even from a distance, in back-and-down movements.

In 2014, the little Aurea was born and, in 2018, the friendly Isaac. The family was constituted, they could no longer postpone their union and enjoy each other's company.

It was in 2016 that a gift from the universe emerged: the beautiful Serra da Esperança, in belmonte. André soon saw an opportunity to break the distance and raise his family in a magical place: a Mountain! He shared the discovery with his sister and business partner, Inês, who soon encouraged him to bet on Belmonte. Marta loved the idea and then visualized an idyllic setting.

In 2019 the couple decided to roll up their sleeves, focus on the passion they have always shared for hospitality, use the knowledge and experience of more than 20 years of work and rely on their strength and resilience. Together they erected the walls, felt the sweat that flowed through their tired bodies and smiled: TheVagar was born.

This is a space of peace, founded on the basis of love, courage, respect, of the union. A minimalist charm accommodation, where people are part of the most beautiful scenery in Belmonte. Here new sensations are created, experiences are shared, shares well-being. Expectation is the memory of an original experience, a well lived time, conscious, with everyone, among all, for all.


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