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Who is TheVagar?

If you have seen some publications on the internet, heard about a place of peace and healing in the Interior Centre of Portugal, or if it is the first time you meet me, have no doubts about who I am. Let me introduce myself.

If I had been born a woman, I would have been called Claire. I would be a simple but ambitious woman. I would take at least two trips a year, otherwise I wouldn't be so keen on discovering new cultures. I would practise sport, meditation and healthy eating habits. I would inspire others to believe that it is possible to create a better world if we contribute to change through a healthier lifestyle, in a state of communion with nature and with others.

If I was a man, I would be Fernando. A brave human being, who wakes up early in the morning to ride his bicycle in the middle of the mountain, who cares for himself and for others. I would go out to discover and try to transform my companies' procedures into humanized systems. Creativity, hospitality and empathy would be the foundation pillars of my existence and I would live with balance, with purpose, in freedom.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Who is TheVagar?

I am not a woman or a man. I am both, many and one. Some days conflict springs out of me. Who is TheVagar? It's not just purity and magnificence. It is light and it is shadow. It is yin and yang. It is what an encounter with the base, with the roots of being, awakens in you. It is a place of discovery, of meeting, of communion, of harmony. For each one different. For each one special.

The kindness with which you will be received at Serra da Esperança will tell you something about me. The elegant decoration of my suites lifts the veil on the values that guide my existence. The national products that we use on a daily basis to provide you with peace and quiet tell my story. The care with which we prepare aromatic baths, the picnic basket, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers, reveal the soulful spirit that sustains me. My concept of sustainability, authenticity and purity tell you what to expect on your visit. The magnificent day we will provide you, if you decide to join your soul to another with us, will show you what fibre I am made of.

So...tell us, dear guest: who is TheVagar? Come and see. Come and discover, come and feel. Come to reflect, to dive, to question, to answer.


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