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News! News!

At TheVagar we live, we are, we feel. But we go further. We want you to be the first to know everything that's going on around here. We aim to share with our guests the advantages of living in the mountains. The connection with nature that surrounds us inspires a slow, relaxed but intentional rhythm of life. We wish to awaken the desire to live simple, unique experiences, with only the essentials. We want to contribute with inspiring suggestions to live TheVagar and with soul. And that's why we decided to create a newsletter especially dedicated to you.

TheVagar CountryHouse

Living at the rhythm of the seasons allows us to connect with our essence, we send you everything you need to know to enjoy each of these times of the year to the fullest in summer, autumn, winter and spring. We gather the most relevant information from each season and forecast what lies ahead for the next.

TheVagar newsletter is organised into five categories. The News is the place where you can get inspired by the most important news about the season that is ending and news about the one that is starting. The Slow Life is where you can find shared reading, articles and suggestions on how to live TheVagar with more presence and meaning. In The Slow Destination you can read about the best travel tips, itineraries, festivals and pilgrimages in a destination full of history, culture and legacy - the centre of Portugal. Since the very first moment TheVagar has taken initiatives and made decisions based on the three pillars of sustainability - People, Environment and Economy - we created The Slow Eco, where we present our main initiatives, share ambitions and reveal achievements. Finally, we present The Social Wall, not only because we want to be connected with you and yours, but also because we want to make ourselves known, to show what we have prepared for you.

Besides receiving this extremely rich content, subscribing to TheVagar newsletter also means having access to discounts, bonuses and prizes that we reward our dear followers with from time to time. Really useful, practical and honest information is all you can expect.

If you haven't subscribed to our newsletter yet, you already know, this is all you've been missing. What are you still waiting for? Follow us. Come and see. Come feel. Come and live. Come and be a part of TheVagar experience!


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