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From Chandeirinha to TheVagar...

TheVagar is risen from the ashes of history. Well before becoming a Rural Tourism establishment, it was the holiday home of the Conde de Caria. Built in 1946, it was named Chandeirinha. Besides the main house, there was a small house for the housekeeper's residence, named Casa dos Cedros, a tank to supply the residents with water, later transformed into a swimming pool, a tennis court and a chapel. The property passed from generation to generation, until it reached the Engineer Rebelo de Andrade, grand-nephew of the Conde de Caria.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Casa dos Cedros

Although it was a private property, the pool was made available for the community to use. The person who managed this sharing, as well as the rental of the property for weddings and other events, was the property's faithful housekeeper. When present, Engineer Rebelo de Andrade and his family dedicated themselves to Serra da Esperança body and soul. They left a legacy that remains until today, such as the approximately 15km of pedestrian trails created, mapped and named, the countless cages and nests they built for the birds they loved so much, the names of narrow alleys and passageways, as well as a variety of furniture and pieces of incalculable historical and cultural value.

In 2008, the family decided to open the property to tourists, classifying it as a Rural Tourism unit - one of the first of its kind in the region. They presented it as Casa da Chandeirinha and provided 11 rooms: seven in the main house and four in the Cedros House. Here, visitors could enjoy the landscapes of the beautiful mountains and all the activities that this provided. But... something more was destined for this magnificent space.

In 2016, Serra da Esperança welcomed its current owners. They promised the revitalization that the property so deserved. They wanted to do more, they wanted to do better, they wanted to do it TheVagar. Respecting and maintaining the historical and cultural basis of Chandeirinha and its first owners, as well as valuing the natural heritage of the mountain, was always their main concern. They made their home in a space destined to well-being, refinement, comfort and authenticity. They offer new ways of feeling, new ways of being. Here you live. TheVagar.


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