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What can we learn from the Slow Movement

In 1986, a group of activists decided to protest against McDonald's opening in Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of Rome. The aim was to defend regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow rhythm of living. This was the beginning of the Slow Food concept.

Over time Slow Food has developed and grown around the globe, expanding its area of action to other aspects of life, such as travel (Slow Travel) and education (Slow School). Today Slow is a movement that is strongly rooted in society. Gradually, more and more people identify with it, join it and benefit from this way of being in life.

So, what exactly is being slow? Does it mean that we always walk "at a snail's pace"?

TheVagar CountryHouse
Slow Movement

Not at all! Being slow means knowing your needs and limitations and living a full life according to them. In truth. In freedom. In fullness. It means appreciating the little things in life, in awareness. It means being present in the present moment. It means prioritising yourself and those you love most. It means being, having and doing what you most identify with. With security. With confidence. With lightness.

At the frenetic speed at which the world spins these days, it can be quite a complex task to accept that you deserve all this. But you do. Yes, you do. In truth, that is the essence of the Human Being: coherence, harmony and encounter with the soul. But we have been led to believe otherwise. Force yourself to get out of the herd and take a good look at the path it leads to. Does it really seem the healthiest, the most sustainable, the most balanced?

Visit TheVagar to slow down. We share the Slow Culture, put it into practice in everyday actions and will be happy to reintroduce you to these activities you've forgotten about. To firm our slow commitment, we have established a partnership with Slow Movement Portugal, with whom we are also developing several events that provide the full attention and peace you so much need. Stay tuned!


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