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Come and witness the magic of renovation

Serra da Esperança was acquired by the current owners in 2016. Casa da Chandeirinha underwent extensive renovation work until it was transformed into TheVagar, so, as you can imagine, there was a lot of leftover material that went through these lands.

If there's one maxim that sustains the whole TheVagar concept, it's sustainability. So, of course, every little piece of wood has always been seen as a precious asset. Examples of this are leftover wood, cork, rope, among many others. In addition, we get involved with the community. We therefore decided to welcome the precious contributions of the Belmonte Scouts into the team.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Renewal magic

This is a partnership that we are very proud of, not only because we have the privilege of promoting the beautiful work of creative minds, skilled hands and curious eyes, but also because we provide the opportunity to collaborate with a project of true meaning. This way, we bring Belmonte and Portugal to the world, in the memory of our guests. We bring the world to Portugal and Belmonte in the practices of everyday life. Among everyone, with everyone who passes through the Serra da Esperança.

We have many, many creative and original ideas that we want to produce and design. And these kids welcome, with enthusiasm and excitement, every challenge we throw at them. We thus guarantee the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals numbers 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and 12 - Sustainable Production and Consumption.

When visiting TheVagar, you will be able to create moments of pure fun, with the game of rooster or the game of rings that have been reborn from our walls. Rest in the hammock, which has risen from our roof. Checking the time on the sun clock, which shines again after being extracted from the ground. Or rock yourself outside on the swing that reappears from our attic. Don't waste any more time and come and renew yourself in every detail of your minimalist charm accommodation, in the centre of Portugal.


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