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How to become more sustainable

Sustainability is a topic on today's agenda. The environment, society and the economy need our attention, and today we will show you how you can help them with simple everyday actions.

TheVagar CountryHouse
How to become more sustainable

1 - Water is a very limited resource, so save it by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or using the first water from your bath;

2 - Recycle as much rubbish as you can by sorting it in the bins available for this purpose; whether it's paper, plastic, glass, oil or batteries, the important thing is to do it;

3 - Buy from local and traditional shops, as small producers provide high quality products and a very personalised service, it will be worth it;

4 - Invest in solar energy, as the prices of purchasing solar panels are now much more affordable and will bring you a very pleasant return;

5 - Use reusable cloth bags and napkins, as it is cheaper and more efficient;

6 - Exchange the car for the bicycle, even if it is one day a week and increase the frequency, your body will thank you;

7 - Educate and learn about sustainability with the youngest, who are increasingly focused on these issues and are trained in schools on the subject; ensure that at home you continue the practices;

9 - Fill your washing machines and dishwashers, because by leaving them half full you are wasting water and light unnecessarily;

10 - Swap plane journeys for train journeys and have fun!

Stop by TheVagar, we will welcome you with open arms into our home and show you how we have embraced this mission to incorporate a sustainable culture into our operation. The ameneties we choose for you to bathe in, for example, are from an eco-friendly and vegan range, with a reffil system in the shampoos and body creams. The detergents we use to leave your suite smelling fresh and clean, meanwhile, are bought in bulk and we fill litre bottles so you can handle them easily. Your bed linen is delivered, already washed, in large plastic bags, which we reuse for other purposes, such as lining the rubbish bins. The butter you slather on the delicious bread we serve at the traditional breakfast, and other products, such as the tea or jams we serve at the aromatic 5 o'clock tea, are bought by the kilo and served just for you, minimising waste.

Outside, a drip system ensures that you have the best plants and flowers always beautiful for your enjoyment, watered with the water that comes from the Serra da Esperança, pure and miraculous. In the structure of the building, we chose materials such as cork or wood from our Serra. And in the renovation work, which has already been completed, we have reused as many materials as possible: you can see them in the game of rooster, the game of rings, the hammock, the sun clock, or the Barefoot Trail. Come and see for yourself?


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