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Renew yourself with the delicacy of an aromatic bath...

Welcome to TheVagar, a secret sanctuary in your Serra da Estrela destination, where aromas dance in the air and time seems to have stood still. In the tranquil corners of this serene hideaway, perfumed baths are more than an indulgence - they are a sensory experience that offers profound benefits for body and mind.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Aromatic Bath


The carefully selected natural essential oils found throughout the Serra da Esperança pamper your skin and act as magic potions, calming and reviving the spirit. In a hectic world, this is our gift to you: a moment of pause, an instant of renewal that goes beyond superficial relaxation.


Let yourself be carried away by the invigorating scent of rosemary, the serenity of lavender and the freshness of eucalyptus. They help you disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in a state of inner peace, full of comforting fragrances, while you allow yourself to be enveloped by nature's gentle care, with a panoramic view of the mountains.


Each immersion in these miraculous baths is an opportunity to benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils. The aromas are brought into this sensitive experience to relieve stress and muscle tension, promoting a state of deep calm.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and surrender to the charms of this fragrant moment. Time and space no longer exist. The scents guide you on a path of discovery and renewal. In the end, it's not just a bath. It's a transformative, restorative experience that reminds you of the simple beauty of being. The only sound you'll hear is the soft murmur of your own soul.


This is the invitation to take care of yourself... will you let yourself?


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