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Challenge yourself to say "enough"!

It' s a sunny day. But the pains in your body don't let you see it.

The little birds sing as they build their nests. But the looping thoughts don't let you hear it.

Your child has learned a new word today. But the worries won't let you celebrate it.

Lunch is delicious. But the urgency to get back to the workload doesn't let you appreciate it.

The music playing on the radio is exciting. But the daily routine doesn't let you feel it.

Have you been through any of these scenarios?

Fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion, constant sadness, stress, anxiety, disinterest, apathy, discouragement, worry, indifference, are so common in our daily lives that we begin to consider them normal. Worst: suddenly, if any of these elements are not present, something seems to be wrong. We no longer know who we are without them. We are always lacking, falling short of expectations, surely we have missed some deadline, some goal, some result.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Dare to say "enough"

Wake up once and for all. Get out of this self-destructive and highly toxic circle. All this is nothing but a big lie you tell yourself day after day after day... Say enough! Realise that you have the possibility to be full and happy. All you have to do is want it and do it.

We know that it is not simple and we will not deceive you. It is a process and you will have to be patient and kind to yourself. But keep going. Always forward. Upwards. If you have difficulties, come to us. We will listen to you and help you get started in self-care practices.

Here at TheVagar, we have horses that heal! These animals are very sensitive to human energies. They will understand exactly what you need and take you on a journey to the roots of your being. To enter a state of pure relaxation, we will prepare an aromatic bath just for you, where you will be surprised by the depth of your senses. To complete the experience, be sure to enjoy the best regional flavours in the beautiful picnic basket that we can lovingly prepare for you. Let yourself be pampered and remember that you deserve the calm, peace, tranquillity, comfort and simplicity of life.


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