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Slow down. Start TheVagar

In recent years a number of diseases have appeared whose origins are barely known. One thing is certain and there are already plenty of scientific studies to prove it: stress, the rush of modern times, overworking and the pressure you feel, socially, to be always active are not the way to a healthy, long and quality life. It is necessary to take it TheVagar.

Time is the most universal possession that any human being has at their disposal: exactly 24h for everyone on the face of the earth. How you manage it is entirely up to each person. Defining priorities and slowing down is a responsibility that no one can delegate. The slow movement, which began in Italy in 1986, for slow food, focuses on time, describing it as the most precious intangible asset, because it is something unrecoverable.

It is with this premise in mind, that a seductive place arises. A minimalist accommodation with charm, located in the Serra da Esperança, in Belmonte, in the centre of Portugal: TheVagar. It aims to offer unique experiences, simple, with only the essential: to be, to live, to feel. Either as a retreat from a stressful routine, or as a place where you can learn to slow down, or as an escape for a much deserved rest, this is the ideal shelter for those who want to TheVagar.

Upon arrival, guests are toasted with the most beautiful of sceneries: pure, untouched, virgin nature. Only those who pass by TheVagar can see it. The singing of the birds is always present, the smell of the trees is inebriating, the dew touches the pores of those who came to experience it, the flavours are regional and genuinely authentic. The welcome is friendly, empathetic and familiar. Without judgement or criticism. The six rooms available promise to be the right corner for a night well spent, where residents float while dreaming... TheVagar. A spa and meditation space invites you to enjoy exclusive moments that relax, pause, free you. The salt water pool allows a real journey, a dive into the human essence... well TheVagar. But there's more: here you enjoy events and activities that guarantee a connection with being. Not too many, not too many. Just the essential ones. It is to go TheVagar...

Socializing with Humans is a possibility. So is solitude. The choice is personal, unique, kind. Free will is always present. So is magic. Only one certainty remains: nothing will be as before.


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