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6 perfect choices to feed your soul

In a time where materialism prevails, we need to realise that things bring only momentary satisfaction. Serotonin, dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin are the hormones of happiness. They are released after buying that new car that our neighbours will find magnificent, that piece of clothes that we didn't really need, that high-end mobile phone that has a series of functions that we don't even know what they're for. Ah, how satisfying to have things! A few hours, a few days, a few weeks later there it comes... the feeling of emptiness. Which we usually fill with more of the same.

Stop it!

Re-align your goals, your values and recognize that it's the moments, the connections, the experiences that truly nourish the soul. Because we share this same spirit, we now present six reasons why you should choose moments over material goods. We also take the opportunity, to suggest some options to nourish your spirit. Here on TheVagar.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Perfect choices to feed the soul

1. It is about accepting "the" process

Nowadays times run "at the speed of light", but the truth is that the best things in life take time to be generated. You reap what you sow. And most people are not prepared for that. They live unhappy because they don't accept that there are processes that take time to develop in order to bring benefits. To begin this practice, we suggest you visit us, spend a few nights in the Suite Hope and enjoy a romantic picnic, in the middle of the Serra da Esperança.

2. Generates self-knowledge

When searching for your best experience and making your buying decision, you will have to ask yourself questions about what you like most, what you feel like at the moment, what you really need, among many other things. This way, you will consolidate your identity and with practice you will understand, more and better, who you really are. Dive into yourself in Suite Light and take the opportunity to go for a walk in the middle of nature. We have more than 15 km of exclusive walking paths at your disposal.

3. Develop interpersonal skills

Socialisation is a basic human need. But we need to go deeper. Create connections. Connecting with People will make you happy, every day! Come to us and let us pamper you, spoil you, welcoming you. Enter your dreams in Suite Peace, meditate a little in our chapel, or take part in a relaxing yoga class.

4. Creates memories

Instead of lifeless objects that sit around the house gathering dust, by choosing moments instead of things, you can collect memories. Stories to tell. Moments to remember. Take some with you, directly from our Country House. Visit the Historical Villages of Portugal, which are right next door and, when you arrive, spend a restful night in our Suite Essence.

5. Allows gratitude practice

Moments are temporary, so you'll want to enjoy each one to the fullest. In presence. And you'll be grateful for every second. You'll take the practice to the simplest everyday experiences. Be enchanted by the delicacy of our 5 o'clock tea and read a book by the window of your Suite Balance. Be grateful for the fullness of this space, for the details, for the genuineness.

6. Provides long-term happiness

Through the connections, through the memories, through the fulfillment they generate, the moments will make you feel much fuller, much more complete. Over time. Allow yourself to experience a few nights of stillness in Suite Simplicity and a few hours of pure kinesthesia, in the Barefoot Sensory Path.


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