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Have you already visited Portugal's most romantic snow destination?

About 40 kilometres from TheVagar is the highest tower in mainland Portugal: the Serra da Estrela Tower, located in a region where the snow paints stunning landscapes white. Serra da Estrela stands out as a truly magical winter destination that offers a unique experience, combining natural beauty with thrilling adventures in the snow.


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Snow Adventure

The white blanket that covers the Serra da Estrela reveals a fairytale setting, providing the ideal scenario for those looking for a winter getaway.

The ice-carved mountains and magical atmosphere are the perfect setting for enjoying the coldest season of the year in Portugal's highlands.


Winter sports enthusiasts will find an array of possibilities in Serra da Estrela. The ski slopes offer exciting opportunities for skiers of all levels, from eager beginners to experienced skiers looking for an adrenaline rush. The region's ski schools offer lessons for those who want to take their first steps or improve their skills on the snow.


In addition to skiing, Serra da Estrela also offers activities such as snowboarding, dog sledding and snowman making, ideal for the whole family to enjoy. The surrounding natural park also has stunning winter trails for lovers of snow trekking. The Historical Villages of Portugal, spread across the mountains, have more charm at this time of year. Come and find out why?


On your visit to Serra da Estrela, you'll come across the most delicious cheeses, sausages, bread and wine in the interior centre of Portugal. Get ready to see herds of goats, sheep and even a few little cows. All healthy, bold and happy to graze on these fertile soils. 


Surrender to the charm of Serra da Estrela and let the snow take you on a memorable journey. Stay with us, TheVagar, and come and warm your hands by the fire, wrap yourself in a patchwork blanket and sip some hot tea. Tell us about your adventure, all the stops you made along the way, whether it was to admire the beautiful landscapes from the magnificent viewpoints, to buy local products in the region's most traditional shops, to let a flock of sheep pass by, or to breathe in the pure, icy, genuine air of this land of shepherds and strong-willed people. Have you fallen many times trying to ski? Have you been able to interact with the dogs pulling the sleds? Tasted the Serra cheese? Tell us all about it and come and see, feel and simply be...


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