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Meet TheVagar team: the Interior Designer

The space of healing and peace that Marta and André imagined as TheVagar could only be recreated with the right atmosphere, the right décor and the right details. There was no doubt whatsoever that the ideal person to give TheVagar the makeover it needed would be the interior designer Lígia Casanova. She is a mother of three young adults, loves to spend time with her loved ones, travelling to different places, going to the cinema, reading lots of books, sports, cooking and being near the sea.

TheVagar CountryHouse
TheVagar Team

1. When we get to know her work, there's no doubt: she's very passionate about what she does. Is that right?

I can confirm. As a child I wanted to be an astronaut, then an architect, but I realised I wanted to be a designer. When the time came to choose, at the end of my degree, which area would I continue my studies in, interiors was never an option (laughs). When I finished my Masters, I was in advertising for eight years, I worked in several agencies, the last one being Wolf Ollins, in London, then came the desire for motherhood, which was incompatible with the life of an advertising executive, so I decided to work as a freelancer. When clients came to my house they commented that I should work as an interior designer, because I had a very original house. One day, a friend proposed me to do the design of his house, and from then on it snowballed. In between, I did art direction for cinema advertising and I loved the experience, but, to my great regret, I cannot combine it with interior design, because it requires total dedication.

2. How did the opportunity to decorate TheVagar come about?

Marta contacted me in 2017, after discovering us on Instagram.

3. What most attracted you to this project and why?

I really liked Marta and the concept. The architecture project was very beautiful, the site was beautiful and I accepted.

4. What was the biggest challenge you faced at TheVagar and how did you overcome it?

There were no major challenges. I just had to work around certain aspects in two rooms, but nothing that creativity and focus on the solution couldn't solve.

5. How do you evaluate the relationship you have established with Marta and André, as well as the rest of the TheVagar team?

Pretty good. Marta and André are very approachable and enterprising people. I also like the rest of the team very much. At TheVagar, the spirit is calm, very tranquil and you can see that there is a lot of dedication and harmony between the people who work there and this is reflected in everything.

6. How did TheVagar allow you to grow as a professional?

I always believed that, despite all the difficulties at the time of execution, it would become a completely different space from the ones I had made up to that point. And it did. This shows us that, no matter how many projects we develop, there is always something more and different that we can achieve, which is aggregating.

7. In your opinion, how important is interior design for the success of a tourism business?

It is of huge importance, because interior design allows you to create and recreate scenarios, which will provide positive emotions and sensations to the guests. The ones we designed for TheVagar, were of welcome, hospitality, shelter, protection, care, affection, peace, tranquillity. After that, the rest of the team matches the actions to the environment and success is guaranteed.

8. All creatives have their own signature that is imprinted on their work. Where can we see yours in TheVagar's scenarios?

In the tranquillity and harmony that I tried to confer to the spaces, always with the motto that guides my work: "to make room for happiness".

9. More than a TheVagar partner, do you consider yourself a TheVagar customer?

Of course I do, it's a unique place, with people you feel like hanging out with. I've found myself thinking that I should get out of the city and that I'd like to live somewhere like it!

10. Tell us about the biggest adventure you had while decorating TheVagar that you would like to share with us.

The day before the final set-up day, I found out I was positive with Covid-19 and had to do everything online. It was unlike anything I've ever done, but with Marta's efficient, professional support and help, we managed to achieve the goal.

Thank you Ligia, without you TheVagar wouldn't be so happy!


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