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We would like to introduce you to Thevagar Hot Tub. Come and get to know it?

A hot tub is essentially a hydromassage bath, which promotes relaxation and pleasure to body and mind. But at TheVagar, everything has a well-defined purpose and we decided to take this concept to another level.

In the outdoor area of the property, next to the Casa dos Banhos and the Chapel, in the middle of the Serra da Esperança, there is an elegant pond, heated by wood, where you can enjoy moments of pure communion with nature.

As sustainability is fundamental to us, TheVagar Hot Tub has been blended with the surrounding nature, without creating any kind of visual or environmental impact. It is fed with water from our mountain spring, which is heated by biofuel, also from our Serra and absent of any chemical treatment.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Hot Tub

Allow yourself to imagine what it will be like to enter this miraculous water. The mountainous winter chill in the air contrasts with the warm temperature of the liquid that now bathes your body. The birds are singing. In the background, the horizon. The smell of wet earth, mingles with the purity of the snow falling on the highlands. In your mouth, the taste of purity...

The stimuli are many. But different from the usual. Cool. Natural. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Feel. Feel more. Go deeper. Now. Relax...

Cure yourself from the toxicity of nowadays. Allow yourself to do things differently. Come and experience this therapeutic nature, which will reconnect you with the essence of being. Much more than just a special hot tub, Hot TubTheVagar will provide you with a truly transcendental experience.

Book your reservation with us and get to know Belmonte. Walk through the Historical Villages of Portugal and enjoy the best of the Portuguese history and culture. Taste the wonderful mountain delicacies. Talk to simple and courageous people. Here, we also have at your disposal picnics in the mountain, jeep rides, reinvigorating massages, sensory paths, meditative experiences and much, much more!

What are you waiting for?


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