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Here, we make your dream come true!

Here at TheVagar, you'll be able to rest like never before on comfortable cotton sheets, 100% made in Portugal. You can also go for a swim in our infinity pool and enjoy the most beautiful scenery, surrounded by the mountains of Portugal's central interior. Traditional delicacies, typical of the season, are a constant, which will make your palate jump out of joy. You will also find here a unique welcome, birds that sing happily and the treats that only our guests deserve.

But we go further! At the top we can see a construction that few people have heard of. In the time of the Count of Caria, it was a chapel which the owner had built. His connection to religion ordered it to be so, and the peace invaded him whenever he entered there to pray.

TheVagar CountryHouse

Marta and André, both concerned about preserving the legacy of that Sir, thought of a beautiful and honorable way to reuse that space. There was no doubt: it would be a versatile space where they could pamper their guests with moments of harmony and serenity. Sometimes used for reinvigorating massages, sometimes for inspiring workshops, other times for an exciting cinema session. But the real highlight would be the one they would transform their guests' day into their happiest day ever.

Serra da Esperança Chapel will continue to be used for more or less religious moments, in whatever way the guest wishes. Here there are no impossibles, and if your wish is to have your wedding with us, we will be happy to hear your thoughts, make the best suggestions, based on more than 20 years of bringing dreams to life and making it happen!

Come and meet your favorite venue in Beira Interior and let us make magic...


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