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4 essential steps for organizing a mini wedding in nature

TheVagar is a venue of choice in the interior of central Portugal for your wedding. It is perfect for intimate moments in the company of those you love the most. We offer the Mother House, the Heras Garden, the Swimming Pool and surrounding area and the Glamping area, natural, virgin, untouched.

You'll tell us your story and, with it, we'll frame the most beautiful landscapes of the Serra da Esperança to create a fairytale setting. Regional, traditional, fresh and tasty products will be on the table. Welcoming you and serving you will be the locals who love to pamper others the most, with stories of the land to tell, a generous welcome and a constant smile. The details will be everywhere, making all the difference. All the difference, in a unique and memorable event: the happiest day of your lives!

As we have a minimalist philosophy, dedicated to quality, the weddings we hold are limited to 30 people and can be held on an exclusive basis, to guarantee the privacy, security and comfort you really deserve. The accommodation can accommodate up to 15 people and we have a chapel for the civil or religious celebration of your ceremony.

So, when you talk to us, take the following four essential steps into consideration:

1 - You need to outline a concept: the decoration, colors and flavors will allow you to build a narrative around your wedding and integrate your guests into your love story;

2 - It is essential to establish a budget: it is possible to hold a wedding in nature, from the simplest to the most exuberant, what differs is the investment you make and in what;

3 - It's important to set priorities: according to the budget available, it's important to allocate values to the list of needs, depending on the results you want;

4 - It's crucial that you don't forget about you: as much as you want to give your guests a happy day, you - the bride and groom, your preferences, your tastes and your satisfaction are at the heart of this day, your day!

Because we have the know-how of a lifetime dedicated to exceeding expectations, we know that all these questions and making decisions about your wedding can leave you feeling really overwhelmed. And that's why we're fully available to give you a hand in this adventure, guide you on the right path - your path - and advise you on the best options. Believe us, it's going to be fun, it's going to be enjoyable, it's going to be exciting!


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