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All you need to know about a boutique hotel

Beautiful, charming and elegant, TheVagar is a boutique hotel by excellence. But what exactly does that mean? In reality, there is no concrete and objective definition of a boutique hotel. There are some characteristics associated with them, such as the personalisation of the spaces and services, luxurious décor, materials, products and amenities that reveal high quality standards and provide an eccentric and unique atmosphere.

TheVagar CountryHousee
Boutique Hotel

If we bring together the key words, taken from the previous paragraph - luxury, quality and customization -, analyze the evolution of tourist motivations and the current and future trends, we believe that we can (and should) deconstruct the idea of boutique hotel and create one of our own. Today luxury is not synonymous of gold taps. Today quality is not having 10 types of bread for breakfast. Today, customization is not treating the client as Mr. Manuel and offering a champagne for his birthday. Today, tourists need to return to their origins, to simplicity, to naturalness, to what makes them human.

At TheVagar you will be welcomed by real people in Belmonte. You will feel comfortable to be yourself while strolling through the Motherhouse or the gardens, without fear of being judged or criticized.You will enjoy the calm of the Serra da Esperança, the contact with nature, a life that takes place in slow motion. You will feel your breath, taste the best delicacies of Beira Interior, visit the oldest historical ruins of the region. You will rest in your suite, take a dip in the infinity pool. You will be teleported to a world which only exists in the confines of memory or even in fairy tales, where everyone can see each other, the senses are extrapolated and everything has a purpose, based on sustainability, respect and honesty. You'll be cherished with the kindest words. You'll be spoiled with the best products. You'll be surprised with attention to the smallest of details.

And if this isn't a luxury these days, we don't know what is...


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