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Enjoy your vacation TheVagar

The vacations period is a time of rest, calmness and tranquility. Not really. These days everything is done in a rush. Even the planning and enjoyment of leisure time. We want so much to make the time and money worth, and to ensure that the vacation will be well enjoyed, that we don't even stop to realize what our body and mind need. We don't stop, in fact. We don't do vacation on vacation. We just drag on behaviors, fatigue, and worries.

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TheVagar Vacation

We want to help you break this vicious circle, and so we leave you with some suggestions for planning and enjoying your vacation calmly, in presence, peacefully, and safely:

  1. Consider delegating all your vacation arrangements to a travel agent; they are very competent, rigorous, creative, and detail-oriented professionals, so you don't have to worry about anything at all; remember that sometimes "cheap gets expensive";

  2. If the previous option is not the best for you, start by defining the group, dates, destination, and budget;

  3. If you are going on a group trip, delegate tasks such as places to visit, accommodation, where to eat, documents to sort out, general information such as the weather, mandatory vaccinations or the local currency, etc; after all, it can become a fun, interesting and inclusive activity;

  4. In your planning, always set aside time for "doing nothing" on your vacation; it is a must and you should enjoy it to the full;

  5. Investigate tours of your chosen region; they are great ways to get a general idea of the surroundings without wasting too much time;

  6. Highlight the main attraction of the destination and arrange a part of one of the days to do an activity there, in order to specifically enjoy what distinguishes that spot;

  7. Alternate the days/activities between nothing and little; this way you create balance;

  8. Use price/availability comparison platforms such as edreams, expedia, momondo, and others;

  9. Ask locals for help, they are always a great source of information; find them through dozens of tourist apps or talk to the hosts of the accommodation you are staying;

  10. Have fun! If you take this task as a heavy burden, you will not enjoy it to the fullest; see it as an act of self-love and organize the best of trips, the one your body and mind need. What do you need?

From our side, we can only guarantee that when you decide to visit us, we will be with open arms to receive you, clarify and advise you. We know the best hidden secrets of Beira Interior. From the most emblematic places to explore, to the most traditional restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty meal, to the most genuine entertainments, to spaces of peace, purity and calm. Dare to trust us with your vacations... TheVagar...


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