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Celebrate Christmas spirit in peace and tranquillity

Christmas is an invitation to slow down, appreciate small pleasures and share joy. Start by transforming your home into a cosy haven with soft lights and warm decorations. Light a fireplace, spread warm blankets around the room and set aside a corner to tell stories, play cards, checkers and dominoes. Add plants and natural elements such as fresh flowers to bring nature indoors, enhancing air quality and creating a feeling of freshness. Play soft, pleasant ambient music, reduce excess clutter by keeping only the essentials and, above all, strive for simplicity.


As a family, pass on customs and traditions to the little ones by inviting them to carry out the most diverse tasks associated with this season. Pay special attention to the most delicious of them all, which is the preparation of sweets and dishes typical of the Christmas season. Start with Bacalhau com Todos (codfish with all the trimmings), move on to Turkey and don't forget the oven-roasted lamb. There are also aletria, rice pudding, filhoses, coscorões and pumpkin or carrot dreams, qui çá! Literally put your hands in the dough and feel the textures, the aromas, the flavours, intensely focused on the present moment. Play, chat and socialise. Transmit calm, welcome and happiness!


Avoid the last-minute rush by planning ahead and shopping consciously. When giving presents, choose quality over quantity. Consider making your own Christmas gifts, there are many options you can learn about on the internet and once again provide fun family moments. If that's not your option, think about the possibility of supporting social causes, associations and/or organisations with the purchase of your Christmas gifts.  


At the table, take time to reflect together, expressing gratitude for the blessings of the past year. Cultivate inner peace, distribute love and share family stories and events that will make the legacy of your lineage known to younger generations. With warm hearts, they will perpetuate the People, the traditions, the smiles and get to know each other better.


In the midst of the hustle and bustle, find a balance between festivities and rest. Take some time for yourself, renewing your energy to face the new year with hope and energy. Consider buying one of the vouchers we've created for you, TheVagar, to achieve this result, in a hidden paradise in Belmonte. Let us pamper you and enjoy an unforgettable, totally personalised experience, with access to exclusive locations, a variety of relaxing services, unparalleled cuisine and an ever-present cosiness.

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