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TheVagar is born in the heart of Belmonte, in the middle of Serra da Esperança

Land of Pedro Álvares Cabral, immersed in the middle of Cova da Beira, and with a wide view over the eastern slope of Serra da Estrela, Belmonte is a beautiful village in the interior of Portugal, where green predominates in the hot seasons and white in winter. When peeking at the map, it is right in the central region of the country, exactly in the province of Beira Baixa. It belongs to the friendly district of Castelo Branco and is the headquarters of a municipality. To the north is the imposing Guarda, to the east the demure Sabugal, to the southwest the mysterious Fundão and to the west the capricious Covilhã.

With about 3500 simple and affable inhabitants, Belmonte has a lot to tell. Home to pastors, it welcomed one of the strongest Jewish communities in the entire Iberian Peninsula, which left obvious social and cultural marks in the region. The ex-líbris pass by the natural beauties, such as mountains, valleys and the calm River Zêzere. History has left a medieval castle, the Anta de Caria, the Centum Cellas Tower, the Convent of Belmonte or the Jewish or Olive Oil Museums. Here you can taste the most diverse dishes of Kid, Chanfana, Papas de Carolo, Trout or Lamb baked in the oven. Typical sweets pass through the aromatic Cinnamon Cake, tasty Egg Pudding or the bizarre Filhoses. Another highlight is the bread, cheese, sausages and wine of the region, which are traditionally designed and simply unique.

To the south of Belmonte, you can see the great Serra da Esperança, about 225 hectares of pure nature. Here you can share the harmony of birds, you breathe the sweet aroma of plants. Its name comes from the hope of maintaining the monarchy in Portugal at a time (16th century) when only one Luso descendant remained - D. Sebastião - and the independence of the nation depended on his health and prosperity. It is created, then, the Marian cult of devotion to Our Lady of Hope in the region, which is, even today, the Patron saint of the municipality of Belmonte, and her day is celebrated, with the municipal holiday, on April 26th.

It is in this scenario of fullness, balance, essence, heritage and authenticity that TheVagar stands. People merge with the middle and detach themselves from beginnings and ends. They just exist. They leave a little of themselves, they take (everything and only) what makes the most sense to them.


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