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Be enchanted by Serra da Estrela's river beaches

If you are used to enjoy saltwater beaches, where you hear the sound of the sea waves lapping on the fine golden sand of the Portuguese coast, you won't be able to miss the difference of the river beaches of center of portugal.

A river beach is distinguished by being a space surrounded by the forest, by the mountain. The pure black soil outlines the course of the river and the many-legged animals are a constant guests. Fish, frogs, and birds are also there, kind enough to allow humans to visit them in their natural habitat!

Over the last few years, river beaches in Portugal have gained a lot of popularity for the privacy they provide, for the healthy, calm and safe alternative to the sea, and for the pure and unspoiled contact they allow with nature. Some municipalities strive to improve the infrastructure in order to ensure the enjoyment of these spaces by the users, however, sometimes they are perfect simply as they are. Natural. Unique. Raw.

In Serra da Estrela many are the hidden secrets, accessible only to the most knowledgeable and curious of the region. At TheVagar, we share only a little. Which allows balance, proportion and respect. And we hope you enjoy it intensely. After all, we know that everything is possible.

When you spend a weekend with us, get ready to leave early, after we serve you a delicious traditional breakfast. Head to Gouveia and stop at Penhas Douradas, the highest fluvial beach in Portugal. Spend the day diving in the beautiful blue lagoon of the river beach of Vale do Rossim and hiking in the upper plateau of the Serra da Estrela. When you return, you'll find us with an open bottle of wine, ready to listen to the delights you have to share with us.

If you come on vacation, you can not fail to reserve an afternoon to visit the river beach of Valhelhas, near Guarda. Ask us for your picnic basket and enjoy the regional delicacies of Beira Interior, by the Zêzere river margin. Stay for the night and watch one of the numerous musical shows that take place there, especially in August.

If what you are looking for is a maximum of exclusivity and a truly unique experience, we recommend the river beach of Loriga, on the other side of the mountain, in Seia. This beach is different from all the others, as it consists of small river pools in the middle of the glacial valley of the Serra da Estrela. Get ready to feel the water reaching your soul, so pure and cold it is. Upon arrival our smiles will warm your heart


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