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The truth behind Covilhã colours

Long gone are the days when graffiti was seen as visual rubbish. Scribbles and meaningless words have given way to real works of art in recent years in Portugal. The façades of old buildings, large walls and billboards have been embellished by beautiful, creative and meaningful images, all over the country. Illustrious artists are invited to leave their mark on the history of each location, transforming them into true open-air galleries.

TheVagar CountryHouse
Urban Art, city of Covilhã
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Urban art is currently a real attraction, drawing outsiders to observe it because of its contemporary interest and quality. For locals, it is an unparalleled benefit, making villages, towns and cities more pleasant to look at and walk through. It makes anyone proud to open the doors of their home to curious visitors!

In Covilhã, there are many examples of urban art, spread all over the city. For different occasions, several artists have been challenged to conceive their best creations, having as canvas the most hidden areas of the region. They are original in the materials and techniques they use, they impute symbolism to the works and transmit a message with humanized meaning. The attention that has been given to the regional culture is also worth highlighting, that is, in the majority of the cases, there are representations that translate traditions, history and covilhanenses personalities. They are much more than simple paintings or sculptures, they are true works of art, susceptible of study and interpretation.

When you visit these treasures of Central of Portugal say with us. At TheVagar we'll welcome you kindly, enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, chat, laugh and socialize. We'll give you a taste of the best traditional delicacies of the region, like the unique Serra da Estrela cheese, the delicious smoked ham or the magnificent centeio bread. The views are impressive. They will make you feel in heaven. Literally! Take a walk in the Serra da Esperança. You can walk there barefoot. Ask us about the best way to see the urban art of Covilhã: we will advise you, tell you the best guide and maybe even accompany you. And if you come in summer, you can still participate in the Urban Art Festivals that are held here, events that aim to highlight this innovation in today's cities and that will give you the best of experiences! Authentic. Genuine. Unique.


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